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State-of-the-Art Facilities

ChiroAdvance seeks to maintain a high specification within the provider offices. All offices are inspected to guarantee a broad availability of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, as well as assuring that each facility is in compliance with the American Disabilities Act. This secures the establishment of safety and emergency protocols.

Trained Supportive Staff

ChiroAdvance believes in an educated support staff. Staff performing therapy to patients must be certified by the state to do so (Tennessee clinics only). Each member of the support staff must be trained and certified by ChiroAdvance, including front desk, insurance & billing, and therapy assistants. Certification guarantees that the minimum standards and education requirements are achieved, therefore enhancing the overall patient experience in the office. Staff can obtain ChiroAdvance certification by attending the ChiroAdvance Annual Educational Symposiums in the spring and the ChiroAdvance Insurance & Billing Seminar in the fall.